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Date Description डाउनलोड

Providing One Non-cardiac Ambulance(2017 or later model) with the trained attendant on round the clock basis with a monthly ceiling of 300 km to Board of Radiation & Isotope Technology (BRIT), Vashi, Navi Mumbai to be stationed at BRIT/BARC Vashi Complex, Navi Mumbai



Laboratory Electrification work complete in all respect along with the CCTV system, OFC based networking for the TFS&TLC lab in the basement of CIRUS preclinical evaluation facility of BRIT, in Modular Lab of BARC Trombay Mumbai and Vashi Complex, Navi Mumbai


Contract to carry out loading /unloading, transfer and packing of the lead pots/kits and allied activities for Radiopharmaceutical / labelled compounds production Facilities at BRIT, Vashi Complex, Navi Mumbai & BRIT facilities at BARC Trombay during the period from 20.04.2020 to 19.04.2021.