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About Us

This section gives an overview about the mandate, organization structure and Safety Health and Environment Policy followed by BRIT. The BRIT Map showcases its various Regional Centres located at Bengaluru, Delhi, Dibrugarh, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Kota and the KPI values, generated to date, are highlighted in the BRIT Achievements section.


Various details about the products manufactured at BRIT are described in this section. These include Radiopharmaceuticals (including SPECT, PET and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals), Radio Immunoassay Kits, Radiochemicals and Labelled Compounds. Sealed Sources such as Cobalt Teletherapy sources and Irradiator Sources are described in detail and specifications of Radiation Technology Equipment viz. Gamma chambers and Blood Irradiators have been outlined here.


Radiation Technology based services offered by BRIT include Sterilization of Medical Products, Isotope Application Services, Electron Beam Processing Services, Calibration Services, Radioanalytical Laboratory Services and Dosimetry Services. Consultancy Services for establishment of Radiation Processing Plants by signing of MoUs are also provided to interested entrepreneurs.