Regional Centre,Kolkata

Regional Centre, Kolkata is located in two campuses of VECC– Medical Cyclotron Facility (MCF), at Chakgaria, Kolkata and at Variable Energy Cyclotron (VECC) Facility, Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Medical Cyclotron Facility Campus:

The Centre is involved in the production of SPECT and PET radioisotope/radiopharmaceutical. MCF (Cyclone 30) is the biggest cyclotron facility in the country to produce radioisotopes for medical application and is well-positioned to provide affordable PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals, especially for the Eastern India region. An export potential for 68Ge/68Ga generators is also anticipated.

MCF (Cyclone 30) was commissioned in September, 2019 and Trial Batches of 18F-FDG have successfully been produced using this facility. Production and supply of regular batches will commence in the near future.

Other PET radiopharmaceuticals (including 68Ga-DOTA TATE / 68Ga-DOTATOC and 68Ga-PSMA for diagnosis of neuroendrocrine tumors and prostate cancer respectively) will be launched shortly based on the Isotope Production Plan outlined below.

Isotope production plan in DAE Cyclone-30
Isotope(half life) Beamline Target Application
18F(1.8 h) 1 (liquid target) H218O Diagnostic
68Ga (68 min) 2 or 3 (Solid target) 68Zn Diagnostic
67Ga (3.26 d) 2 or 3 (Solid target) 68Zn Diagnostic
201Tl (3.06 d) 2 or 3 (Solid target) 203Tl Diagnostic
68Ge (271 d) for 68Ge/68Ga generator 2 or 3 (Solid target) Ga-NI alloy/Ga-liquid target Diagnostic
64Cu (12.7 h) (diagnosis & therapy) 2 or 3 (Solid target) 64Ni Diagnostic and Therapeutic
123I (13.2 h) 3 (Gaseous target) 124Xe Diagnostic
124I (4.2 d)(diagnosis & therapy) 2 or 3 (Solid target) 124Te Diagnostic and Therapeutic
89Zr 2 or 3 (Solid target) 88Y Diagnostic

VECC Cyclotron Facility Campus :

The VECC Cyclotron Facility Campus is involved in research and development work related to cyclotron-produced medically important radioisotopes viz. 99mTc, 89Zr, 68Ge/68Ga generators, 43Sc etc. using alpha & proton beams in VECC Cyclotron.

Other R&D activities include development of (n,γ) 99Mo/99mTc generator systems and related works under IAEA CRP (Project No. F22068; Contract No: 22475).

The VECC Campus facilitates sale of TCK cold kits through retail outlet for the preparation of 99mTc-radiopharmaceutical formulations.

Contact :

Subhrangsu Kumar

GM/Officer-in-Charge, Regional Centre, Kolkata