Radioanalytical Laboratory

Activities of Radioanalytical Laboratory

Radioanalytical Laboratory is engaged in the testing and certification of radioactivity content in commodities. Radioanalytical Laboratory at BRIT Vashi Complex is accredited by NABL The sole mission is to partner the customers in their ever increasing radioanalytical testing needs.

Testing of Man-made Radionuclide Contamination in Food Products

Various categories of import-export and domestic food items regularly tested for the presence of man-made radionuclides include farm products, milk products, meat, animal feed supplement, poultry feed supplements and many other miscellaneous products.

Testing of Naturally Occurring Radionuclides in Environmental Samples

Measurement of natural radionuclide content environmental samples is important in order to assess the extent of radiation dose from these materials to the general public. Radioanalytical Laboratory undertakes the measurement and certification of naturally occurring radionuclide content in various environmental samples, especially rock phosphate, gypsum, coal, flyash and cement bricks containing fly ash from various Thermal Power Plants.

Testing of Radioactivity in Water Samples

Gross alpha and gross beta analysis certificate is mandatory requirement for obtaining Bureau Indian of Standards license for manufacture and supply of packaged drinking water. RAL is a BIS empaneled laboratory for carrying this work and is equipped with counters for the measurement of alpha and beta emitting radionuclides. Total uranium content in water samples is determined using LED uranium fluorimeter.

Testing of Cobalt-60 Contamination in Steel Products

The screening of steel samples for cobalt-60 contamination is carried out by either NaI or HPGe gamma spectrometry. In addition to sample testing in the laboratory, we also offer on-site survey and certification of surface radiation dose of steel consignments.


Contact :

Ajay N. Thamke

       Office-In-Charge, RAL

BRIT/BARC VASHI COMPLEX, Sector-20 Vashi, Navi Mumbai-400703

2788 7419/2788 7413