EB Processing Services

Electron Beam processing is an effective, environment-friendly and successful alternative process for polymer modifications, crystalline alterations and useful biological changes in materials. Research & development and technology demonstration of following electron beam processing applications:

  • Crosslinking of O-rings, plastic parts, wire and cable
  • Irradiation of various polymeric materials
  • Color enhancement of gems/precious stones
  • Food irradiation for self-life extension and pathogen reduction
  • Degradation of PTFE scrap


Contact :

Kalpana C. Khedkar

      Senior Manager, Dosimetry & QA

Radiation Processing Plant, Vashi, BRIT/BARC VASHI COMPLEX, Sector-20 Vashi, Navi Mumbai-400703

(022)27887407 / 27887422/27887417 / 27887416