Neuclonic Gauge

Nucleonic gauges and many control systems require sealed radiation sources fabricated as per the customer requirements. BRIT fabricates and supplies custom made radiation sources incorporating Co-60 as per standard with classification designation as E65535 for these applications.

A nucleonic gauge consists of a suitable radiation source arranged in a fixed geometrical relationship with one or more radiation detectors. Nucleonic Gauges mostly use radioactive sources, normally of milli-curie (mCi) activity. The radiation shields, useful beam controls and other components form an integral part of the device.Nucleonic Gauges are also known as Ionizing Radiation Gauging Device (IRGDs). It is used for determination of thickness of steel plate, paper, film; measurement of density and composition of materials; level measurement; control of process material in closed containers i.e. mould level measurement; moisture content in blast furnace; analysis of ores and minerals etc.

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