Cobalt Teletherapy Sources

Cobalt Teletherapy sources for radiation treatment of cancer are also fabricated and supplied to various users as per the requirements.These sources are manufactured using sophisticated equipment under stringent quality control to meet the prescribed standards by leak and contamination test. Performance of these sources is ensured under conditions of normal use as well as anticipated accidental conditions Sources for all types of Cobalt Teletherapy Machines including Bhabhatron and imported Theratron or any other machines in the country are fabricated as per the standard with classification designation as E65535 and also as Special Form Radioactive Material. Cobalt Teletherapy Sources are supplied under code CTS in the output range of 100-250 RMM depending on the requirement of the users. Transportation and installation is the responsibility of agents of the unit. More information on Bhabhatron-II is available on the website of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC).

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