Medical cylotron facility (GE, 16.5 MeV) at Radiation Medicine Centre, Parel, Mumbai is involved in the production, quality control and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals labelled with positron emitting short lived isotope [18F]-flourine (half-life: 109.7 minutes). PET radiopharmaceuticals like [18F]-FDG, [18F]-FLT, [18F]-NaF, [18F]-FET and [18F]-FMISO are produced and supplied to various hospitals equipped with PET camera in and around Mumbai.

  • Throughput: Up to 185 GBq 18F can be produced in a single batch
  • Availability: Production is carried six days in a week


Code Product Diagnostic use Production Frequency
FDG [18F]-Fluoro-deoxy-glucose injection Oncology, neurology, infection and cardiology Twice a day
NAF [18F]-Sodium fluoride injection Bone scintigraphy Once daily
FLT [18F]-Fluoro-thymidine injection Oncologic applications Weekly
FET [18F]-Fluoro-ethyl tyrosine injection Brain gliomas Weekly
FMISO [18F]-Fluoro-misonidazole injection Hypoxia imaging Weekly