BRIT supplies a variety of radiochemicals for application in industry, agriculture and research.

Radiometric detection is considered the gold standard for many applications, from drug discovery and development to plant sciences. The technique achieves sub-femtogram sensitivity levels, and quantitates the binding and activity of radiotracer compounds with high specificity and sensitivity. As the leading supplier of research radiochemicals, we offer a broad portfolio of products for various radiochemistry needs.

We supply the following radionuclides for radiochemical analysis applications:

125I,131I,22Na, 32P, 35S, 45Ca, 51Cr, 54Mn, 55Fe, 59Fe,85Sr


Product Application
I-131, P-32, Mo-99, Cr-51 For research applications
Hg-197, Hg-203, Na-24, Br-82 (as neutral solution, Ammonium Bromide and dibromobipheyl) Sc-46, K-42, I-131 as elemental iodine in CCl4 Co-60 in naphthenate and EDTA complex As industrial tracers
P-32, Ca-45, S-35 For agricultural applications and nucleotide labelling
Au-198, Cu-64, Fe-59, Cd-115m, Ba-133, Lu 177 For research applications

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