Dosimeters are used for routine dosimetry, dose-mapping and plant validation of Industrial Gamma Irradiators. Evaluation of absorbed dose in radiation processed product with dosimeters play a vital role in the Quality assurance programme of industrial Gamma Irradiators.

BRIT offers Ceric-Cerous dosimeters prepared as per ISO/ASTM 51205:2009(E) specifications for use across a wide dose range (1 to 45 kGy). These dosimeters are traceable to National Standard Laboratory, BARC and offer a simple read-out system.

Sr.No. Concentration (mM) Absorbed Dose Range (kGy) Shelf life
 1  3  1-6  Six months
 2  5  5-15  1 year
 3  15  8-45  1 year


  • Pack of 100 numbers
  • Millivolt vs kGy chart provided for dose calculation


Contact :

 Kalpana C. Khedkar

Sr. Manager, Dosimetry & QA

 Radiation Processing Plant, Vashi

BRIT/BARC VASHI COMPLEX, Sector-20 Vashi, Navi Mumbai-400703.

 (022)27887407 / 27887422/27887417 / 27887416