BRIT 625




BRIT 625 is the type-1 process chemical indicator. BRIT- 625 exhibits visual colour change from yellow to brown and then black depending upon the dose. This product meets AAMI ST60, ISO11140 and ISO/ASTM51539 guidance document standard.


BRIT- 625 is used for qualitative assessment of radiation exposure to ionising radiation such as Gamma, Electron Beam, X-ray. BRIT- 625 is a convenient way to

  • Visually distinguish between irradiated and non-irradiated products within radiation processing facility.
  • Monitor the multi-pass and multi sided processes.
  • Maintain quality control



Product Code Description Indicatordimension Packaging
BRIT- 625 BRIT’S Radiation Indicator for 6-25 kGy Applications 9mm diameter Roll form


Water soluble dye dissolved in PVA


Un-irradiated BRIT- 625 should be stored in room temperature (15-25°C) in a dark and protected from UV radiation. Extreme temperature and relative humidity in the environment may adversely affect the property of BRIT- 625.


The colour remains stable for 24 months. However, the user should verify the stability under their conditions of storage.

Shelf life:

24 Months from the date of manufacture. Users are encouraged to use BRIT- 625 on or before the "Use by" date mentioned on the package

Environmental conditions:

BRIT- 625 are sensitive to any form of radiation, including sunlight.


BRIT- 625 are thin, flexible Circular polymeric dots and have adhesive property allowing them to be attached to most surfaces. Un-irradiated BRIT- 625 are yellow, when irradiated change colour reliably at 6 kGy to brown. BRIT- 625 continues to change colour from brown to black at radiation dose of 25kGy and above.


BRIT- 625 may not adhere well to certain polymers such as PP and certain rough cardboards. Applications on any surfaces should be tested by users.

Infrequent false positive or negative results may occur. Generally, any small failure of a few BRIT- 625s cannot be investigated for cause due to sample size. However, all failures should be reported to ISOMED for tracking and trending purpose.


For better results avoid exposure to any light for more than 10 minutes.

Health/Environmental information:

BRIT- 625 is manufactured using PVA with water soluble dye. They are non-toxic and can be safely discarded in general waste receptacles.



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