BRIT Management Committee

BRIT Management committee (BMC) was formed on April 13,1989 in order to facilitate timely and expeditious processing of various technical and administrative proposals, to ensure the optimum utilization of available manpower, resources and facilities and to review the technical programmes of the various operations from time to time. The BMC was reconstituted as per Office Order( Office order No.CE-19/2021 dated May 22, 2021) and consists of the following members.

Chairman, BMC may co-opt any expert as additional member for discussion on any particular item in a meeting.

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Sr. No. Designation / Unit Role
1. Chief Executive, Board of Radiation & Isotope Technology Chairman
2. Head, Radiation Safety Division (RSD), AERB Member
3. Head, Civil Engineering Division (CED), BARC Member
4. Head, Division of Remote Handling & Robotics (DRHR), BARC Member
5. Head, Isotope  & Radiation Applications Division (IRAD), BARC Member
6. Head, Radiopharmaceuticals Division (RPhD), BARC Member
7. Head, Reactor Operations Division (ROD), BARC Member
8. Shri Ajit V. Pillai, CE, (RC and SA &S), NPCIL Member
9. Shri. Ramakant Sahu,General Manager (ESSA),BRIT Member
10. Dr.S.Gautam, SO/H, Food Technology Division, BARC Member
11. Dr.(Smt.) Savita Kulkarni  Head  RMC, BARC Member
12. Dr.(Smt.) Usha Pandey, General Manager (RPL& FMP ), BRIT Member
13. Shri N. Jayachandran, DGM Labelled Compounds (LC &TS), BRIT Member
14. Dr.S.Chakraborty,SO/G,Radiopharmaceutical Division,BARC Member
15. Deputy Controller of Account, BRIT Member
16. Chief Administrative Officer, BRIT Member-Secretary
The main functions of BRIT Managment Committee
  • To review the technical programme of various operations of BRIT from time to time and to advise the Chief Executive, BRIT in the smooth operation of various programmes undertaken by BRIT.
  • To examine and consider the revenue budget of BRIT and finalise the proposals for approval of DAE.
  • To consider and decide on general matters concerning operations of BRIT and to make recommendation regarding.
  • Nominations of officers and staff of BRIT for being deputed abroad under the various training programmes sponsored by IAEA etc. and on scholarships and fellowships offered by Foreign Governments including extension of such deputations.
  • Deputation abroad of officers for participation in international conferences, symposia and meetings organized by IAEA and other international organizations.
  • Sending officers/staff on foreign service within and outside India.
  • To consider and approve nominations of personnel for training/short term courses not exceeding six months in India.
  • To consider and approve nominations of staff for attending symposia conferences etc. convened in India.
  • To consider the grant of special leave to staff for higher studies/training abroad.
  • Matters connected with universities such as nomination of members of staff to various university bodies, invitation to visiting professors and visiting members in accordance with the procedures laid down. To accord permission to officers for recognition as a guide in various universities for the award of higher degrees (M.Sc./PhD etc.)
  • To screen the recommendations for promotions/appointments to posts in Scientific and Technical categories upto and including grades SO/E personnel in BRIT.
  • Staff welfare.
  • To consider and make suitable recommendations on any matters referred to it by the Chief Executive, BRIT.