BRIT was constituted in March 1989 as an independent unit of DAE from a part of the erstwhile Isotope Group of BARC. Products and Services offered by BRIT find applications in Healthcare, Agriculture, Industry and Research. - Isotopes & Radiation: Health & Prosperity.



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Major Products and Services Offered by BRIT

Prodcuts/Services Isotopes Applications
COLTECH & Tc-labelling Cold KitsTechnetium-99m (Supplied as Mo-99) Radiopharmaceuticals
Gamma Radiation Processing ServicesCobalt-60Medical Sterilzation, Spices and other prodcuts
MIBG, Sodium Iodide CapsulesIodine-131Therpaeutic and Diagnostic purposes
Radiography Exposure DevicesIridium-192, Cobalt-60 Non- Destructive Testing
Cobalt Teletherapy SourcesCobalt-60Cancer treatment
Gamma Chambers & Blood irradiatorsCobalt-60Research and Healthcare
Labelled Compounds & NucleotidesCarbon-14, P-32, Sulphur-35 Biology, Agriculture and Biotechnology
Tritium Filled Self-Luminous SourcesTritiumDefence
Isotope Application ServicesBr-82, Co-60 and others Column scanning, leak/block detection
Immunoassay KitsRIA & IRMA kitsMonitoring Thyroid and other Hormones
Industrial Irradiator SourcesCobalt-60Radiation Processing plants
Radioanalytical ServicesTrace amounts of natural radionuclides Food, water and steel (WTO requirement)