Tender Notifications

The listings of various tender notifications issued from BRIT

June 24 2019 BRIT/ES/2019-2020/02.: Cconstruction of Security Post/ Tower Facility at BRIT Vashi Complex (click for details))

June 10 2019 Civil construction and construction of earthing station at RAPPCOF building, RAPS plant site, Rawatbhata, Rajasthan. (click for details))

June 08 2019 : Tender Notice No:  Tender No. BRIT/Vig/AMB/2018

Providing one Non-cardiac Ambulance (2014 or later model) with trained Attendant on 24 X 7 basis with a monthly ceiling of 300 kms.,  for ferrying Patients from BRIT, Vashi, Navi Mumbai to  BARC Hospital, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai and various Panel / Non- Panel Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres, Pathological Laboratories in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and back.(click for details)

June 08 2019 : Tender Notice No:  Tender No. BRIT/GEN/6/1/2019/286

June 12, 2019 : Clause No. 2.8 (b) of details of Scope of Work of Tender notice No. BRIT/Gen/6/1/2019/286 for hiring one AC and one Non-AC vehicle has been amended.

Hiring of  Two 2016 or Later Model Tata Sumo Or Equivalent Vehicle - One AC and one Non-AC Vehicle on Monthly basis for use within Mumbai/Navi Mumbai with a monthly ceiling of 1500 km. (click for amended version )

June 01 2019 : TENDER NOTICE NO.: BRIT/ENGG./GRPS/ISM/CONT./2019-20/A-6/90

Contract – “Providing ancillary support for 24x7 Operation / Maintenance of ISOMED plant safety systems including in situ  decay heat removal system for Cobalt - 60 Source, In Cell Ventilation system, electrical systems and Safety System Up Gradation and Refurbishment / allied work together with  Cosmetic and Landscape Maintenance for entire ISOMED building and peripheral areas (Area 60 m. long x 50 m. wide housing 45 m. x 32 m. x 10 m height building with plant/BARC labs/rooms in ground plus one construction) location - ISOMED Facility, BRIT , BARC South Site, Trombay, Mumbai - 400074 for a period of 12 months from 15-07-2019 to 14-07-2020 (click for details)

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