Teletherapy and Open Sources

Teletherapy & Open Sources

Important Message : Due to unscheduled reactor shutdown the  supply of LU-2 on 20th June 2017 is cancelled. To compensate this we have rescheduled  the  batch on 13th June 2017. Please note this change  and confirm the orders  for 13th June 2017. Standing orders will be processed only  on receipt of specific confirmation for acceptance of  supply on 13th June 2017.

Also it may be noted  that  the reactor shutdown is anticipated for a longer period  from  3rd week of June 2017. The exact details will be communicated  later.

[177Lu] LuCl3 Code LU-2 : Supply Schedule for Second Quarter  : The supply schedule depends on uninterrupted operation of ‘Dhruva’ reactor at BARC. Supply of LU-2 could be cancelled or rescheduled to another date in case of an unscheduled reactor shutdown. LU-2 is supplied as a radiochemical and orders need to be placed in the A-1 form for radiochemicals along with the necessary AERB authorization.

Customers for labelled compounds, radiochemicals, teletherapy and open sources and availing neutron irradiation services are required to fill the necessary order forms available under ordering procedures.

A1 form is to be filled for labelled compounds, radiochemicals and open sources.

A3 form is to be filled for all types of sealed sources including CTS.

Both these forms can be filled using Adobe Reader. Fill, print, sign and send the form to customer support for further action.

In case of radioactive products, customers shall apply along with the necessary AERB Authorisation/Approval. For processing the order a copy of the purchase order (PO) shall also be forwarded. 


AERB forms relevant to customers

1. Application for Issuance of NOC/ Authorization for Radioactive materials used in Research Laboratories using Open Radioisotopes (form can be downloaded from AERB Webssite Look for the given title at the link )

2. Application for Authorisation/No Objection Certificate to Procure & Use Nuclear Gauge(s)/Analysers/Radioactive Sources (Form can be downloaded from AERB website Look for the given title at the link)

3. Information on transport of radioactive material for disposal ( Form can be downloaded from AERB website under Transport of Radioactive Material look for the link permission for transport of disused source)

Manager, Teletherapy and Open Sources

Board of Radiation & Isotope Technology
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