Radiopharmaceuticals - Despatch Schedule

The week days for specific classes of radiopharmaceuticals are indicated. However, there may be some rare alterations due to a government holiday or due to some unavoidable technical issues

Product Despatch Day(s)Frequency
IOM-2 Every Friday Weekly
IOM-50 (MIBG  Diagnostic) Every Saturday Weekly
IOM-50T (MIBG -Therapy ) Saturday Fortnightly
PHM-3 Friday or Saturday Weekly
PHM-4 (SMPC) Every Saturday Weekly
CRM-1 April and October Friday or Saturday Biannually
SAM-2 Every Tuesday Weekly
IOM-1 and IOM-1B Every Friday Weekly
IOM-5 and IOM-5B Every Saturday Weekly
TCM-2 Every Saturday Weekly
TCM-1 (COLTECH) Every Saturday Weekly
Raw Material SM-1 Every Tuesday Weekly
Raw Material I-2   Weekly
Raw Material MO-3   Weekly
Raw Material CR-2 April & October Biannually
Updated: Tuesday August 06, 2019 20:10