Radiography Sources & Devices

Information for radiography camera customers regarding purchase of radiography exposure devices, source replenishment and scheduling of related operations is listed here. A new link 'RSO Chekclist for ROLI Devices' is created which is mandatory to be furnished along with the submission of radiography cameras.

 * The production schedule alone contains the order in which cameras would be taken up for source replenishment. For AWB numbers check Airway Bill Numbers

The order form (See Ordering Procedure) for radiography cameras and radiography sources i.e.R1 form has two portions - the form and the undertaking. Customers must send both these pages duly filled and signed.

Additional Information on Radiographic Devices (AERB)

Messages for customers of Radiography Devices

It may be noted that at present BRIT is not processing requests for source replenishment for SPEC-150 cameras.
Please Intimate the specific information (AWB Numbers and/or despatch details) regarding radiographic devices sent to BRIT for decayed source disposal/ source replenishment.

Queries, information related to radiography devices and sources may please be mailed to sales[at]britatom[dot]gov[dot]in.

Updated: Friday September 20, 2019 19:04