Blood Irradiator 2000

Applications: Irradiation of blood & blood products by gamma rays is a proven and safe method to inhibit T-Lymphocyte Proliferation and eliminate the risk of post transfusion graft versus host disease (T-GVHD). Gamma irradiation of cellular blood components is the best current technology to reduce the risk of T-GVHD to the recipients as confirmed by research and therefore being widely practiced world over in hospitals and blood banks as a life saving approach to this problem.

Blood is usually irradiated in standard blood bags in dedicated blood irradiators using cobalt-60 or caesium-137 radioactive source. The usual recommended radiation doses are 25 Gy to 35 Gy (1 Gy = 100 rad) for this purposes.

BRIT has designed and developed a dedicated blood irradiator called Blood Irradator-2000 (Bl-2000. It is a self-shielded, compact and versatile Gamma Irradiator which can house cobalt-60 source upto 25 TBq (675 Curies).

It provides a dose rate of about 11 Gy/minute approximately inside the sample chamber. It is incorporated with a sample rotating mechanism to obtain better uniformity of dose to the products. The control system is PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) based with touch sensitive color screen using user-friendly software and a printer for data recording.

The unit can be installed in a room without any additional shielding. Its design conforms to all relevant national and international standards and safety codes. It meets the requirement of Type B(U) package for transportation.


  • Safe and self shielded: No additional shielding is required. The radiation field on the external surface of the unit is much below the permissible level.

  • Dose uniformity: Sample rotation mechanism and stationary source pencils symmetrically placed in a cylindrical cage ensure good uniformity of radiation field within 25% variation or better.
  • Control system: PLC based control system with touch sensitive color screen having user friendly software and printer for data recording.
  • Computerised calculations of dose and termination of irradiation based on time as well as dose modes with Cobalt-60 source decay correction.
  • Sensing & display of irradiation temperature on the panel.
  • Sample chamber door inter lock for safety operation.
  • Manual control of irradiation temperature inside sample chamber.
  • Design conforms to codes of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), India, as well as American National Standards - ANSI-N433.1-1977 for safe design and use of self contained dry source storage Gamma irradiator (Category-I).
  • Safety assurance: The unit is type B(U) approved by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), India for safety in transport of radioactive material as per relevant national and international safety standards.
  • Source Replenishment and Servicing: BRIT will undertake servicing and source replenishment whenever required.
  • Source Disposal: BRIT will also take up source disposal as and when required.
  • Refrigerator will be provided along with unit for storing blood bags at low temperature.
Specifications :
Co-60 Source Capacity 25 TBq (675 Ci)
Dose rate at maximum capacity 11 Gy/min. approx
  Radial +/-25% or better
Axial +/-25% or better
Sample Chamber  
Volume 3 liters
Size 13 cm (dia) X 21.7 cm (ht)
Rotating Container of Sample Chamber  
Volume 2 liters
Size 12 cm (dia) X 17.9 cm (ht)
Speed 60 RPM
Shielding material Lead & Stainless Steel (SS 304L)
Weight of the unit 2600 Kgs. Approx.
Size of the unit 112 cm (l) x 95 cm (w) x 171 cm (ht)
Timer range 6 seconds onwards
Power requirement 220/230 V, 50 Hz, 5 Amps,
Single Phase, AC supply
Control system Electrical as well as PLC based with
touch sensitive colored LCD screen and
printer for data recording
Printer A-4 size for data printout Installation Requirements :
   Room for the unit  
      3M X 3M X 3M (minimum)
Door size
1.1M Clear width X 2 M (height)
Floor loading capacity
5 Tons per sq.meter


Touch Screen Display

Control Panel

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