Gamma Chamber 5000

Gamma Chamber 5000 is a compact self shielded cobalt-60 gamma irradiator providing an irradiation volume of approximately 5000cc. There are other varaitions of the Gamma Chambers which are also available.

Gamma Chamber

Biological Effects

Chemical Effects

Dose-Rate Effects

The material for irradiation is placed in an irradiation chamber located in the vertical drawer inside the lead flask. This drawer can be moved up and down with the help of a system of motorised drive which enables precise positioning of the irradiation chamber at the centre of the radiation field.

Radiation field is provided by a set of stationary cobalt-60 sources placed in a cylindrical cage. The sources are doubly encapsulated in corrosion resistant stainless steel pencils and are tested in accordance with international standards. Two access holes of 8 mm diameter are provided in the vertical drawer for introduction of service sleeves for gases, thermocouple, etc. A mechanism for rotating/stirring samples during irradiation is also incorporated. The lead shield provided around the source is adequate to keep the external radiation field well within permisible limits. The Gamma Chamber 5000 unit can be installed in a room measuring 4m X 4m X 4m.

  • Safe and self-shielded: The shielding provided is adequate to limit the radiation field on the external surface of the unit, well within the permissible levels. No additional shielding is required for its installation and use.
  • Automatic control of irradiation time: Built-in timer provides accurate control of irradiation time from 6 seconds onwards. The unit can also be operated manually. Solid state programmable controls have been provided. In the event of power failure battery backup displays the programmes.
  • Manual control of irradiation temperature: It is possible to irradiate samples at low or high temperature by circulating liquid nitrogen or hot air. These can be introduced through the service sleeves provided in the vertical drawer. The irradiation temperature is sensed by a thermocouple and displayed on the panel.
  • Remote operation: An additional table top control panel is provided for remote operation in addition to the normal one provided on the unit.
  • Dose uniformity: Stationary source pencils, symmetrically placed in a cylindrical cage ensure good uniformity of radiation field in the sample chamber. In addition a mechanism is also provided for rotating/stirring samples during irradiation.

Easy loading and unloading of samples: Sample chamber extends to a convenient height for easy loading and unloading of samples.

Safety assurance: The design of Gamma Chamber conforms to American National Standards

ANSI N433.1-1977 for safe design and use of self-contained dry source storage gamma irradiators(Category I).

It also meets the requirements of type B(U) package for safety in transport of radioactive materials as per AERB code No.SC/TR-1, 1986 of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board of INDIA.

GC 5000

Gamma Chamber is a versatile equipment for research studies in many fields such as:

  • Radiobiology
  • Preservation of tissue grafts
  • Mutation breeding
  • Food preservation
  • Sterile male insect technique
  • Biological and genetic effects of radiations
  • Radiation chemistry
  • Radiation effects on materials
  • Radiation sterilization
  • Modification of properties of materials

Gamma Chamber can also be used in many other research applications which require irradiation of materials with ionizing radiations to varying doses

Accessories & Other Supplies :

  1. Attenuators to bring down the radiation dose in the sample chamber by 25% or 50% - are available on request.
  2. Ceric-cerous dosimeters are available in sets of 100 ampules of 2 ml. The Kilo Gray Gamma Dosimeter system to read out the dose delivered, is also available.
  3. Biological indicators inoculated with 106 - 107 spores of Bacillus Pumilus ATCC 14884, on paper disc are available in multiples of 100 numbers (50 pairs). These are useful when sterility is to be construed without subjecting the sample to destructive sterility test.

BRIT can undertake refurbishing of old units and provide replenishment of cobalt-60 source in the unit.

Specifications of Gamma Chamber 5000 :
    Maximum Co-60 source capacity    518 TBq (14000 Ci)
    Dose rate at maximum capacity    ~ 9 kGy/hr (0.9 Mega Rad/hr)
   at the center of sample chamber
    Dose rate uniformity    +25% or better radially;
   -25% or better axially
    Irradiation volume    5000cc approx.
    Size of sample chamber    17.2cm (dia) X 20.5cm (ht)
    Shielding material    Lead & stainless steel
    Weight of the unit    5600 kg. approx.
    Size of unit    125cm (l) X 106.5cm (w) X 150cm (ht)
    Timer range    6 seconds onwards
Installation requirements :
Power requirement 220/230V, 50Hz, 10Amps, single phase
Room a) size
4M X 4M X 4M
  b) door size
1.2M clear width X 2M height
  c) pit size
35cm dia X 70cm depth in the floor
  d) floor loading capacity
10MT per sq.M

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