Radiography Cameras

BRIT supplies ROLI 2 and ROLI 3 Cameras. The original ROLI 1 camera with MS casings are discontinued.

Product Specifications: ROLI -2
Isotope roli_trolley Iridium - 192
Half life 74 Days
Maximum  capacity 2.4 TBq. (65 curies)
Inspection range 10 mm to 70 mm steel or equivalent
Sheilding material Lead & Heavy alloy
Camera operation Remotely operated (Teleflex cable drive)
Maximum operating distance  8 meters from the camera
Front guide tubes (2 Nos.)  3 metres and 1 metre long (one each)
Overall dimensions 375 mm long, 250 mm wide, and 275 mm height
Package Type B (U)
Weight 38 Kg (Approx)
  • Reliable and cost effective.
  • Designed to operate with minimum maintenance.
  • Designed to conform to the requirements of Class (M) exposure device in accordance with ISO/3999/1977 and TS -R1 - 200 standards and meet the requirements of Type B (U) radioactive package as per AERB code SC/TR-1, Nov.86.
  • The source remains locked in the camera until the drive system is connected properly.
  • Drive cable can be disconnected only when the source is in safe position.
  • The source can not be driven out unless the front guide tube is properly connected with the camera.
  • The safety interlock system ensures arresting the source in safe position.
  • The source displacement can be monitored at the control unit.

BRIT has launched ROLI-3 and ROLI-2 Cameras. The latest being ROLI-2 is a Type B(U) conforming radiography device with a maximum capacity of 65 Ci.

The system is used with iridium - 192 source up to a maximum strength of 2.4 TBq (65 curies), for radiography of steel, brass, copper and light alloys. ROLI-2 camera provides facility to take Panoramic Exposure.

The unit conforms to the requirements of the International Standard ISO-3999/1977(E) and AERB requirements for type B(U) radioactive packages as per AERB - SC/TR-1, Nov.1986.

ROLI-1 camera with MS casing is discontinued for transportation related regulations from AERB.

Customers are required to procure ROLI-2 or ROLI-3 cameras.

Updated: Wednesday August 08, 2018 18:10