Labelled Compounds

BRIT has developed state-of-the-art methods and standardized procedures for the synthesis, purification and quality assurance/ quality control of labelled compounds and biomolecules.

Labelled compounds

BRIT has been preparing and supplying Carbon-14, Tritium, Phosphorous-32 and Sulphur-35 labelled compounds for research applications in basic and applied chemical and biological sciences ever since the beginning of the Isotope program.

Custom Synthesis of carbon-14 labelled compounds and tritium Labelling Services are also offered. In recent times Deuterium labelled solvents for NMR and tritium filled self-luminous sources have also been introduced.

32P labelled nucleotides are supplied from Regional Centre, Hyderabad

Name Design Phone email(
N. Jayachandran Dy. General Manager 2788 7500 jayachandran
K.M. Mathew Sr. Manager 2788 7514 mathew
A.N. Rundekar Manager anjani
D.B. Kalgutkar Manager 2788 7514 dbkalgutkar

For ordering labelled compounds and related products other than nucleotides contact Manager, Teletherapy & Open Sources

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