BRIT supplies a variety of radiochemicals for application in medicine, industry, agriculture and research.



I-131, P-32, Mo-99, Cr-51

For research applications

Hg-197, Hg-203, Na-24,
Br-82 (as neutral solution, Ammonium Bromide and dibromobipheyl)
Sc-46, K-42, I-131 as elemental iodine in CCl4
Co-60 in naphthenate and EDTA complex

As industrial tracers

P-32, Ca-45, S-35

For agricultural applications and nucleotide labelling

Au-198, Cu-64, Fe-59, Cd-115m, Ba-133

For research applications

Tritium Filled Sources

BRIT supplies self-luminous compounds using zinc sulphide as the phosphor in combination with a soft beta source like H-3. Tritiated styrene with high specific activity is also supplied. Tritium gas filled light sources, custom built in different shapes (curved or straight), sizes (different diameters and lengths) and radicoactive concentrations (tritium content) are also available.

Refer Product Information Catalogue for more details on radiochemicals and tritium filled self-luminous sources.

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