99Mo-99mTc Generators

BRIT provides three types of 99Mo- 99mTc- generator systems for extraction/ elution of  99mTc from radioactive parent 99Mo. BRIT provides TCM-1, TCM-2 and TCG for these purposes.

Sodium Molybdate

TCM-1 or COLTECH Generator is the latest and most efficient system.

GELTECH Generator - launched a few years ago is being supplied intermittently

Solvent Extraction Generator (TCM 2) is the oldest system.

TCM-2 : BRIT supplies 99Mo as Sodium molybdate solution to the nuclear medicine centers where 99mTc as Sodium Pertechnetate is separated using solvent extraction generator systems with methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) as solvent.

The kit comprises of empty autoclaved vials, Sterile beakers, Sterile normal saline, Sodium hydroxide, MEK, Alumina and Double distilled water.

Additionally some of the components are also provided as generator accessories.

(See table below for TCM 2)

 99Mo- 99mTc generator TCM-1 mCi COLTECH Generator
99Mo-Sodium molybdate TCM-2 mCi Molybdenum for extraction of Tc
99mTc-extraction kit Pack One kit (see above)
Generator Accessories
All glass solvent extraction generator TCM-3 one
Lead Shield for extraction Assembly TCM-4 one
Hand operated Vacuum pump TCA-2 one
Glass Filtration Assembly TCA-4 one
MEK Solvent TCA-5 200 ml
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