Highlights Upto February 2018

  • Three No. of Cobalt-60 teletherapy source has been supplied to  hospital in India for cancer treatment.

  • 325 KCi of Cobalt-60 industrial grade source have been supplied to irradiator plant.

  • More than 3 KCi of Ir-192 sources (45 Nos.) have been supplied for radiography cameras.

  • 5400 Tritium Filled Luminous Sources have been supplied to Defence Organisation.

  • One Blood Irradiator-2000 unit has been supplied to hospital.

  • Two Gamma Chambers-5000 units have been supplied to universities/institutions for research purpose.

  • 3100 Nos. of Technetium Cold Kits have been supplied to various hospitals in India

  • 250 Nos. of Technetium-99m Generator have been supplied to various hospitals in India

  • 125 Ci of I-131 have been supplied to various hospitals for both diagnostic and therapeutic purpose.

  • 62Ci of FDG-F18 have been supplied to various hospitals in Mumbai for PET scanning.

  • 1000 Cu.m. of medical supplies have been sterilised using gamma radiation processing.

  • 690 Tons of materials (spices, pet feed, herbal raw material, colour powder etc.) have been processed using gamma radiation processing.

  • For the first time trouble shooting using angular gamma scanning was carried at a Mumbai refinery for huge catalyst loss from the Fluidised Catalyst Cracking Unit.

  • Mo-99m in organic form was successfully used as an industrial radiotracer to identify the leaky heat exchanger in a refinery.

  • Production and supply of 177Lu-EDTMP started in lieu of 153Sm-EDTMP. This product is used for bone pain palliation.

  • Production of “Kit for preparation of 188Re-HEDP injection”, useful for bone pain palliation , started as a part of technology transfer from RPhD, BARC.



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