Highlights Upto May 2017

14 Nos. of Cobalt-60 teletherapy sources have been supplied to various hospitals in India for cancer treatment.

710KCi of Cobalt-60 industrial grade source have been supplied to one irradiator plants across the country.

19KCi of Ir-192 sources (414Nos.) have been supplied for radiography cameras.

More than 6500 Tritium Filled Luminous Sources have been supplied to Defence Organisation.

Five Gamma Chambers-5000 units have been supplied to universities/institutions for research purpose.

More than 5450 Nos. of Technetium Cold Kits have been supplied to various hospitals in India

More than 600Nos. of Technetium-99m Generator have been supplied to various hospitals in India

210Ci of I-131 have been supplied to various hospitals for both diagnostic and therapeutic purpose.

135Ci of FDG-F18 have been supplied to various hospitals in Mumbai for PET scanning.

2260Cu.m. of medical supplies have been sterilised using gamma radiation processing.

1685Tons of materials (spices, pet feed, herbal raw material, colour powder etc.) have been processed using gamma radiation processing.

Co-60 Irradiator Source (125 KCi) was exported to Srilanka Atomic Energy Board for source replenishment in Multipurpose Gamma Irradiator at Biyagama.

Radiation Processing Plant, Vashi obtained ISO-13485 : 2016 for quality management system for healthcare products.

MOU signed with M/s Jamnadas Industries, Dahod (Gujarat) for setting up a Gamma Radiation Processing Plant for disinfestation, shelf life extension of food products and sterilization applications of healthcare products at Indore (Madhya Pradesh).

Two batches of Kit for 99mTc-HYNIC RGD for tumour induced angiogenesis were prepared. The development of this kit was done by BRIT and Radiopharmaceuticals division BARC.

Successfully designed and fabricated new Type A Packages for transport of radioactive material in liquid form in bulk (18Ci of I-131) This is now approved by AERB (Ref: AERB/RSD/IATWMS/TR/SS-2/2017/150) and will now be regularly used for transport of I-131 from BARC to BRIT, Vashi Complex. This will reduce the number of packages during transport by a factor of 4.

Regular Production of “Kit for preparation of 99mTc-Ubiquicidine (Tc-UBI) injection” (Code TCK-57), useful for infection imaging, started. This product has been jointly developed by BRIT & BARC. Regular supply to customers started.

For the first time, prepared and supplied one  14C-standard planchet source for calibration of Automatic Air Activity Sampler (AAAS),  being developed by  RPAD, BARC

Production and supply of new product “Kit for preparation of 99m Tc-Macro Aggregated Albumin (Tc-MAA) injection (Code TCK-56),” started

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