Highlights for January - September 2017

  • 20 Nos. of Cobalt-60 teletherapy sources have been supplied to various hospitals in India for cancer treatment.
  • 968 KCi of Cobalt-60 industrial grade source have been supplied to SIX irradiator plants across the country.
  • 33 KCi of Ir-192 sources (550Nos.) have been supplied for radiography cameras.
  • 21100 Tritium Filled Luminous Sources have been supplied to Defence Organisation.
  • Four Blood Irradiator-2000 units with Cs-137 source have been supplied to hospital.
  • Nine Gamma Chambers-5000 units have been supplied to universities/institutions for research purpose.
  • More than 14000 Nos. of Technetium Cold Kits have been supplied to various hospitals in India
  • 1200 Nos. of Technetium-99m Generator have been supplied to various hospitals in India
  • More tha 480 Ci of I-131 have been supplied to various hospitals for both diagnostic and therapeutic purpose.
  • 270 Ci of FDG-F18 have been supplied to various hospitals in Mumbai for PET scanning.
  • 4400 Cu.m. of medical supplies have been sterilised using gamma radiation processing.
  • 3600 Tons of materials (spices, pet feed, herbal raw material, colour powder etc.) have been processed using gamma radiation processing.
  • Participation, presentation and demonstration of BRIT activities  at “Science and Technology Exhibition” at Parliament  of  India, New Delhi.
  • Radiopharmaceutical Committee approval received for extension of shelf life (expiry date) from the existing one year  to two year of Kit for the preparation of 99mTc-Diethylene triaminepenta Acetic acid (DTPA) injection (Code:TCK-7) & Kit for the preparation of 99mTc-Phytate injection  (Code: TCK-16).
  • Cobalt-60 teletherapy source (180 RMM) was exported to Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya.
  • Co-60 Irradiator Source (125 KCi) was exported to Srilanka Atomic Energy Board for source replenishment in Multipurpose Gamma Irradiator at Biyagama.
  • Radiation Processing Plant, Vashi obtained ISO-13485 : 2016 for quality management system for healthcare products.
  • MOU signed with M/s Jamnadas Industries, Dahod (Gujarat) for setting up a Gamma Radiation Processing Plant for disinfestation, shelf life extension of food products and sterilization applications of healthcare products at Indore (Madhya Pradesh).
  • Two batches of Kit for 99mTc-HYNIC RGD for tumour induced angiogenesis were prepared. The development of this kit was done by BRIT and Radiopharmaceuticals division BARC.
  • Successfully designed and fabricated new Type A Packages for transport of radioactive material in liquid form in bulk (18Ci of I-131) This is now approved by AERB (Ref: AERB/RSD/IATWMS/TR/SS-2/2017/150) and will now be regularly used for transport of I-131 from BARC to BRIT, Vashi Complex. This will reduce the number of packages during transport by a factor of 4.
  • Regular Production of new product “Kit for preparation of 99mTc-Ubiquicidine (Tc-UBI) injection” (Code TCK-57), useful for infection imaging, started. This product has been jointly developed by BRIT & BARC. Regular supply to customers started.
  • For the first time, prepared and supplied one  14C-standard planchet source for calibration of Automatic Air Activity Sampler (AAAS),  being developed by  RPAD, BARC
  • Production and supply of new product “Kit for preparation of 99m Tc-Macro Aggregated Albumin (Tc-MAA) injection (Code TCK-56),” started.
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