Messages to Customers

Customers are too good to loose. Let's keep them happy. Customer Complaints are the schoolbooks from which we learn.

GST Number for BRIT,

All requests/enquiries for any BRIT product or service must be routed through SGM Marketing & Sevices : services[at]britatom[dot]gov[dot]in or sales[at]britatom[dot]gov[dot].

Customers can now make online payment for making payments to BRIT through State Bank Collects payment Portal.

The customers may note that orders for BRIT products and services can only be placed with specific order forms available at 'Ordering Procedures'

More specific messages to customers may also be found on relevant web pages related to different products, services and support to customers. e.g. Isomed Page for ` Long term shutdown of ISOMED Facility

Updated: Saturday December 08, 2018 19:11