PhD. / M.Sc. Thesis

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) Thesis

1. N. Jyotsna (1989) Studies on the labelling of some biomolecules .

2. M.K. Das (1990). Studies on nuclear data relevant to the cyclotron production of radionuclides of  medical interest

3. Jyoti M. Shetye (1992). Studies on the enzyme labelled compounds for the development of enzyme immunoassay

4. Amita A. Bhelose (1995). Studies on radiolabelling of immunoglobulin G (lgG) for in-vivo applications 

5. Sangeeta H. Joshi (1997) Studies on the use of Staphylococcal Protein A in Immunoassays.

6. R. Vanaja (1999). Preparation and evaluation of a few compounds of 99m Tc of biomedical interest.

7. D. Padmanabhan Iyer (1999). Synthetic approaches to some semiochemicals.

8.  Vijay B. Kadwad. Development of magnetizable immunosorbents for radioanalytical estimation and separation of hormones.

9. Saraswathy Padmanabhan. Studies on the separation and evaluation of Technetium-99m : Applicability to 99Mo- 99mTc generator for medical use.

10  Prakash M. Pandey. Studies on the formulation, separation and evaluation of 99mTc compounds - Applicability for 99mTc radiopharmaceuticals and hospital radiopharmacy.

11. S.K. Sarkar (2004). Studies on the preparation and evaluation of novel delivery system for 99mTc based on ion exchanger column in tandem.

12. Tarveen Kaur Karir (2005). Studies on the development of solid phase immunoassays for haptens.

13. Shubhangi Mirapurkar (2006). Studies on raising monoclonal antibodies and their use in immunoassay.

14. Anupam Mathur (2011). Design and evaluation of novel diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals based on 99mTc-Nitrido ([99mTc=N]2+) core.

15. Chanda Arjun (2018). Development of novel radiolabelled agents for The diagnosis of microbial infections.

Master of Science (M.Sc.) By Research

1. Shubhangi Mirapurkar nee Rekha Lokhande (1989) . Investigations of immunological methods of hormone analysis

2. D.K. Ranganatha (1998). Studies on evaluation of radiochemical purity of radiopharmaceuticals used in the hospital pharmacy

3. Nandini P. Joshi (1998). Radiochemical analysis of the purity and stability of 99mTc phosphates and  phosphonates. (1998)

4. Rani Gnanasekar (1999). Development of T3 uptake test using anti-T3 antibody.

5. Shalaka N. Paradkar. Application of monoclonal antibodies for development of human follicle stimulating  hormone (FSH) assay based on solid phase  separation technique.  

6. Jayula S. Sarnaik.  Radiolabelling of proteins with 99mTc for possible inflammation imaging.

7. P.S. Balasubramanian. Fabrication of radiation sources including substrate preparation for use in industry and nuclear medicine.  

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