Regional Centre, Kota

RAPPCOF is the Cobalt-60 production facility located at Rawatbhata, near Kota adjacent to Rajasthan Atomic Power Station. Cobalt-60 is one of the most important radioisotope that is especially used for industrial irradiator sources for radiation processing plants in the country..


Cobalt-60 is an important isotope for various applications in medicine and industry. It finds major application in industrial radiation processing facilities and radiation technology equipments such gamma chambers and blood Irradiator 2000.

The cobalt activity in the form of slugs and capsules is recovered at this facility from the Adjuster Rods discharged from the various Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors in the country and sent for further processing to sealed sources fabrication facility at Trombay.

A record 2 MCi of Cobalt-60 was processed during the year 2013-14 . The centre was also involved in the source loading operations at Sri Lanka and SARC, Delhi.

The regional centre comes under General Manager, Sealed Sources and Logistics.

Updated: Friday August 10, 2018 14:34