Regional Centre, Kolkata

The regional centre is located in the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre Campus at Kolkata and is engaged in the research and development work related to cyclotron produced radioisotopes.

RC, Kolkata
Ga Purification

Regional Centre Dibrugarh comes under Regional Centre Kolkata. The centre provides support to customers located in the eastern region.

The centre has developed an indigenous fully automated 99Mo-99mTc Solvent Extraction Generator TCM-AUTOSOLEX with enhanced radiological safety and capacity to handle large quantities of  99Mo in  collaboration with Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata . The centre is also actively involved in the development of 68Ge/68Ga Generator and production of 109Cd.

Regional Centre Kolkata also operates a retail outlet for Technetium cold kits for the benefit of nuclear medicine centre of the region.

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