Regional Centre, Hyderabad

Jonaki, located within the campus of Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad,  is now known as Regional Centre Hyderabad.

Real Time PCR

Real Time PCR Applications for Molecular Diagnostics is one of the major research areas of the regional centre.

The Product Information Catalogue contains detailed information about various products supplied by Jonaki (RC Hyderabad) under the index heading 'Labelled Biomolecules'.

[32P] labelled nucleotides for applications in molecular biology and biotechnology are their main products. Labelled nucleotides are put to use for a wide variety of applications such as Labelled DNA/RNA probes, DNA sequencing, DNA/RNA hybridization and DNA fingerprinting. These nucleotides have the reliability and performance that is on par with international standards. Nucleotides are available in three different formulations - aqueous (50% aq. ethanol) solutions and Permaluci (color coded and thermostable).

Taq DNA Polymerase was introduced recently with product code LCE-101 (100 units), LCE- 102 (250 units) and LCE-103 (1000 units). Bulk Lots of more than 100,000 units are available on enquiry.

Updated: Friday August 10, 2018 14:30