Health Safety & Environment

BRIT production facilities are under specified regulatory control with respect to radiation, environmental and industrial safety. The regulatory requirement of radiation and environment safety is formulated on the basis of well-established international/national radiation protection standards and to protect staff as well as public from the effects of ionizing radiation.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Health, Safety & Environment Policy of BRIT

A comprehensive and systematic environmental monitoring is carried out in order to monitor the effluents and flue gas discharges. The laboratory air is filtered through high efficiency particulate filters and discharged through stack. The radioactivity concentrations in these effluents are insignificant and are well within the limits set by AERB. Liquid effluents after proper dilution are discharged into the municipal sewers after monitoring. Basic IAEA/AERB guidelines for discharge control and relevant acts in India are adhered to enforcing the environmental protection.

For ensuring radiation safety, personnel monitoring is carried out with TLD badges and bio-assay/whole body counting. Radiation area monitoring is carried out on a continuous basis for ensuring personnel safety. Adequate radiation shielding is provided in the working plants. Annual medical check up of radiation workers is carried out with follow-up records.

The industrial safety programmes are implemented and built into the system such that the rate of occurrence of industrial accidents is extremely low. Accident Prevention Methodology is implemented with prevention campaign and making the people safety conscious.

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