Geltech Generator

Geltech generator for 99mTc is a dual column system comprising of a primary zirconium molybdate-99Mo gel column and a secondary purification Acidic Alumina column.

Sodium pertechnetate (Na 99mTcO4) as an isotonic, clear – colourless solution can be collected in about 2 minutes in an evacuated vial at the collection port on passing 0.9% NaCl through the columns from the charge port.

Packaging Activities:

  • Product Code TCG-1 : 9.25 GBq (250mCi of  99Mo)
  • Product Code TCG-2 : 14.8 GBq (400mCi of  99Mo )

Technical specifications of geltech generator TCG-1

Calibration : Monday at 0900 hrs (2 days post-production) 
Expiry : 1 week from date of calibration or 6 elutions which ever is earlier.

Supply Frequency:  Weekly (Prior enquiry is must)

Standard generator package consignment contains one unit of geltech generator assembly along with one elution kit

A.C. Dey,  Dy. General Manager
Dr. S.K. Sarkar, Manager

Gel Generator Laboratory
BRIT/BARC Vashi Complex
Sector 20 Vashi
Navi Mumbai 400 703

Phone :  91-22-27887202 / 05 / 06
FAX :  91-22-27887218, 27840005

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