Geltech Generator

Geltech generator for 99mTc is a dual column system comprising of a primary zirconium molybdate-99Mo gel column and a secondary purification Acidic Alumina column.


Sodium pertechnetate (Na 99mTcO4) as an isotonic, clear, colourless solution can be collected in about 2 minutes in an evacuated vial at the collection port on passing 0.9% NaCl through the columns from the charge port.

Packaging Activities:

  • Product Code TCG-1 : 9.25 GBq (250mCi of  99Mo)
  • Product Code TCG-2 : 14.8 GBq (400mCi of  99Mo )

Technical specifications of geltech generator TCG-1

Calibration : Monday at 0900 hrs (2 days post-production) 
Expiry : 1 week from date of calibration or 6 elutions which ever is earlier.

Supply Frequency:  Weekly (Prior enquiry is must)

Standard generator package consignment contains one unit of geltech generator assembly along with one elution kit

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