Engineering & Corporate Planning

Engineering & Corporate Planning  Group comprises of Sealed Sources & Logistics, Radiation Technology Equipments, Radiation Processing Services, Design, Engineering Support, Management Informatics group, Control & Instrumentation group, Scientific Information Resources & Publications group and Website Management.

I&O Irradiators

The functions and operations of Engineering & Corporate Planning programme at BRIT :

Production, quality control and supply of Radiation Technology Equipment such as:

  • Radiography Camera
    • Remotely operated lead shielded radiography camera Roli - 1 SS Capacity 35 Ci Ir-192
    • Remotely operated lead shielded radiography camera Roli - 2 Capacity 65 Ci Ir-192
    • Remotely operated lead shielded radiography camera Roli - 3 Capacity 20 Ci Ir-192
  • Laboratory Research Irradiator (Gamma Chamber)
    • Gamma Chamber - 5000 Capacity 14000 Ci Co-60 Irradiation Volume 5 litres Weight approx. 5 Ton
    • Gamma Chamber - 1200 Capacity 5000 Ci Co-60 Irradiation Volume 1.2 litres Weight approx. 4 Ton
  • Blood Irradiators
    • Blood Irradiator (BI) - 2000 with 810 Ci Co-60 Capacity 2000 cc Weight 3.8 Ton
    • Blood Irradiator - 2000 with 3050 Cs - 137 Capacity 2000 cc Weight 3.8 Ton

Production and supply of sealed sources

  • Co-60 sealed sources: Cobalt - 60 sealed sources are fabricated and supplied for the following applications
    • Commercial irradiator
    • Gamma Chamber
    • Blood Irradiators
    • Nucleonic Gauges
    • Radiography Camera Cobalt - 60 source is fabricated at RAPPCOF, Kota as well as HIRUP, BARC and RLG
  • Ir-192 sources are supplied for both indigenous radiography cameras as well as imported cameras. Apart from these above sources various other reference and calibration sources are also produced and supplied on demand.

Services : Engineering Group offers two different types of services

  • Services for customers
    • Radiation Processing Services
      • Radiation Processing Plant : Engineering Group operates Radiation Processing Plant for hygienization of spices, animal feed and allied products. Plant capacity is 1000 kCi Co-60 and throughput us 30 Ton/day
      • ISOMED is another plant which is operational for sterilization of medical products. Plant capacity is 1000 kCi Co-60
    • Dosimetry Services are provided for commissioning as well as routine dosimetry to radiation processing plants in private sector
  • Services for Internal system
    • Engineering Group is engaged in the maintenance of Electrical Systems of BRIT Vashi Complex. Apart from this transport Services/despatch and its maintenance and operation and communication system through Intranet and regular telephone line is also provided.

Approx. 170 employees are working in this group.

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