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January 16 2018 : "BRIT has launched LUM-3 and IOM-40 ."

A simplified RPH Form for single orders for placing the orders is in the process of being finalised, however customers are advised to go to the ordering procedures for other instructions page (p. 2) of the original A1 Form there. The link to new form (word document) is being made available temporarily for the benefit of radiopharmaceuticals customers "Radiopharmaceuticals" A1 Form .  AERB Authorisation/approval is necessary for placing any orders.

BRIT has recently launched two new products :

177Lu-DOTATATE Injection Code : LUM-3 available in 100 mCi and 200 mCi doses.  Production is on fortnightly basis. The product is useful for PRRT of sstr positive Neuroendocrine tumors    

131I-Lipiodol Injection  Code : IOM 40  available in 75 mCi dose. Production is on a monthly basis. The product is useful in treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma.

The Radiopharmaceuticals A1 Form shall be used only for radiopharmaceuticals listed below and is not to be used for any other  radiochemical/labelled compound etc.

Product Inserts & Material Safety Data Sheets for Radiopharmaceuticals

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