News & Highlights

Here we provide summary of some of the important News and Highlights about various BRIT programs and activities.

November 24 2018 : Office order from CE, BRIT while he is on deputation abroad.

September 22 2018 : Project Implementation Committee for IPLB Project (Vizag) vide Office Order dated Sep 21 2018.

September 20 2018: Shri Kamlesh N. Vyas takes over as Secretary, Department of Atomic Energy and Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission

September 18 2018 : Medical Cyclotron Facility Cyclone-30 Became Operational at VECC (DAE Link) ABP Ananda (video in Bengali)

September 11 2018 : Shri Kala Singh is appointed as APO BRIT vide office order dated Sep 11 2018.

September 08 2018 : Appeal by chairman DAE to contribute one day salary to PMNRF for Kerala Calamities . Circular from BRIT in this regards.

September 08 2018 : Hindi Diwas Circular and Hindi Divas Program Scedule.

September 05 2018 : Shri S.B. Prasad is appointed as Nodal Officer for installation of LED Lights

nominated August 31 2018 : Shri Vijay B. Kadwad has been nominated as Grievance redressal officer for PWD (click for details)

July 27 2018 : Smt. Vidya Swaminathan is new Pay & Accounts Officer of BRIT office order dated July 26 2018

July 10 2018 : BRIT Industrial safety Committe is reconstituted vide office order CE-09/2018 dated July 10 2018

July 06 2018 : Shri G. Ganesh, Chief Executive BRIT has been promoted as Distinguished Scientist. Shri B.K. Pathak, SGM, Mktg & Services has been promoted as Outstanding Scientist as per DoPT notification of July 3 2018. Congratulations.

July 05 2018 : New office Order for further appointments and re-designation of BRIT officials as Senior managers and Managers vide office order CE-08/2018 dated 03 June 2018.

June 30 2018 : Dr. Sharmila Banerjee is appointed as Dy. Chief Executive, BRIT vide DAE office order 08/2018 dated 11 June 2018.

June 29 2018 Appointments and/or re-designations to the post Senior Managers vide offfice order CE-06/2018 dated 29 June 2018. Appointment of new Managers for BRIT via office order CE-7/2018 dated 29 June 2018.

June 28 2018 : Shri A.C. Dey is re-designated as General Manager (Technology Development) and Shri L.N. Bandi is re-designated as General Manager  (Sealed Sources & Logistics) vide office order CE-04/2018 dated 27 June 2018. Shri Abhaya Sharma, Dr. S. Ravi and Shri K.P. Singh have been re-designated as Dy. General Managers vide office order CE-05/2018 dated 27 June 2018.

February 15 2018 Shri K.R. Sethuraman takes over as Chief Administrative Officer BRIT.

Updated: Thursday October 18, 2018 16:56