News & Highlights

Here we provide summary of some of the important News and Highlights about various BRIT programs and activities.

June 23 2020 : Dr. Sankha Chattopadhyay, SO/H, is designated as DGM with immediate effect.

June 23 2020 : Dr. Subhrangsu Kumar, SO/H, is designated as DGM with immediate effect.

June 02 2020 : Consequent on superannuation of Sh. Abhaya Sharma, DGM & WebMaster (Management Informatics), Smt. Neetu Kurra, Manager (Computer Network Management) will look after BRIT WebSite Content Management,updation and other incidental work with immediate effect.

May 30 2020 : Consequent on superannuation of Dr. D.Padmanabhan DGM (RPh-QC), Dr. Vijay B.Kadwad, Sr. Manager (ID & TCK) will oversee activities of RC Hyderabad, RC Delhi and RC Bengaluru. Shri V.V.Murhekar, Sr. Manager (Orals & TCK,QC) will oversee activities of RPh-QC as Incharge of RPH-QC. Office-in-charge ,RC(Kolkata) will report to Chief Executive, BRIT.

May 26 2020 : New Order from the Office of the Chief Executive

May 22 2020 : Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) Order, 2017

May 18 2020 :  Orders and Circulars regarding Lockdown extension beyond May 17 2020 (As informed by Chief Administrative Officer, BRIT vide email dated May 18) 
(a) DAE Circular dated May 17 2020 regarding Preventive Measures to contain the spread of COVID-19
(b) Ministry of Home Affairs Letter Dated May 17 2020
(c) Maharashtra Government Order dated may 17 2020
BRIT Circular dated May 18 2020

May 03 2020 : Instructions for BRIT Officials during Lockdown

April 22 2020 : BRIT Circular dated April 22 2020

April 13 2020 : Central Government Holiday on April 14 2020

March 29 2020 : Preventive Measures for BRIT Employees

March 21 2020 : Circular of March 21 for BRIT Staff

March 14 2020 : Appointment of Dr. (Smt.) Teena Goel as Officer-in-Charge of Regional Centre Delhi vide Office Order issued by Chief Executive, BRIT.

February 21 2020 : Swachhta Action at BRIT and Swachhta Pakhwara Reports

February 05 2019 : Dr. D. Padmanabhan, DGM, RPH-QC to oversee RC Hydeabad, RC Delhi and RC Bengaluru with immediate effect.

December 26 2019 : Dr. Sharmila Banerjee is relieved of her responsibility as adjunct Dy. Chief Executive, BRIT and Head, Radiopharmaceuticals Quality Control Program, BRIT vide Office Order dated December 26 2019 issued by Shri K.N. Vyas, Secretary to Government of India

November 23 2019 : Special Cell for SC/ST reconstituted vide Office Order dated November 23 issued by Chief Executive, BRIT.

September 21 2019 : Shri V.R.K. Prasad is appointed as APO(Estt) for BRIT.

August 24 2019 Shri Pradip Mukherjee, Chief Executive, BRIT is the new Appellate Authority for BRIT vide Office Order dated August 24 2019 from Chief Administrative Officer BRIT

July 26 2019 : Shri Pradip Mukherjee, Outstanding Scientist, Dy. Chief Executive, BRIT and Head, RRDPD, BARC is to take over as Chief Executive of BRIT from August 1 2019 subsequent to the superannuation of Shri G. Ganesh On July 31 2019 (vide office order dated July 10 2019 issued by Shri K.N. Vyas, Secretary to Government of India).

 July 11 2019 Office order regarding designation of Vigilance Officer for BRIT

June 29 2019 : Office order regarding designation of Manager for Oral Radiopharamaceuticals subsequent to superannuation of Dr. Kiran Mehra on June 30 2019

June 01 2019 : Office order regarding redesignation of Dr. V.B. Kadwad as Senior Manager (Immunoassay Development and TCK)

May 16 2019 : Shri Satbir Singh Sachdev, Former Senior General Manager, Radiopharmaceutials Production and Project Manager, Fission Molybdenum Project lost his battle against Cancer on May 16. May his soul rest in peace and may the bereaved family get strength to bear the loss. Shri Sachdev is survived by his Wife, a son and a daughter.

March 14 2019 : Redesignation of  Dr. V.N. Yelgaonkar and others as DGM, Dr. Tarveen Karir as Senior manager and Dr. Kuldeep Sharma and others as Manager.

March 02 2019 : Shri Pradip Mukherjee, Dy Chief Executive, BRIT is to look after Marketing & Services and related groups as per new office order from CE, BRIT

February 28 2019 : Shri Pravin Kumar is redesignated as Dy. General Manager, Sealed Sources & Logistics vide office order from CE, BRIT.

February 15 2019 : Shri Pradip Mukherjee, Outstanding Scientist and Head, Research Reactor Design and Projects, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre is appointed Deputy Chief Executive of BRIT as per Office order from Shri K.N. Vyas, Secretary, Department of Atomic Energy.

February 07 2019 : Office order from CE, BRIT about Radiopharmaceutical Production during medical leave of S.S. Sachdev, SGM..

February 02 2019 : Office order from CE, BRIT about Regional Centre Hyderabad.

September 22 2018 : Project Implementation Committee for IPLB Project (Vizag) vide Office Order dated Sep 21 2018.

September 20 2018: Shri Kamlesh N. Vyas takes over as Secretary, Department of Atomic Energy and Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission

September 18 2018 : Medical Cyclotron Facility Cyclone-30 Became Operational at VECC (DAE Link) ABP Ananda (video in Bengali)

September 11 2018 : Shri Kala Singh is appointed as APO BRIT vide office order dated Sep 11 2018.

September 08 2018 : Appeal by chairman DAE to contribute one day salary to PMNRF for Kerala Calamities . Circular from BRIT in this regards.

September 08 2018 : Hindi Diwas Circular and Hindi Divas Program Scedule.

September 05 2018 : Shri S.B. Prasad is appointed as Nodal Officer for installation of LED Lights

nominated August 31 2018 : Shri Vijay B. Kadwad has been nominated as Grievance redressal officer for PWD (click for details)

July 27 2018 : Smt. Vidya Swaminathan is new Pay & Accounts Officer of BRIT office order dated July 26 2018

July 10 2018 : BRIT Industrial safety Committe is reconstituted vide office order CE-09/2018 dated July 10 2018

July 06 2018 : Shri G. Ganesh, Chief Executive BRIT has been promoted as Distinguished Scientist. Shri B.K. Pathak, SGM, Mktg & Services has been promoted as Outstanding Scientist as per DoPT notification of July 3 2018. Congratulations.

July 05 2018 : New office Order for further appointments and re-designation of BRIT officials as Senior managers and Managers vide office order CE-08/2018 dated 03 June 2018.

June 30 2018 : Dr. Sharmila Banerjee is appointed as Dy. Chief Executive, BRIT vide DAE office order 08/2018 dated 11 June 2018.

June 29 2018 Appointments and/or re-designations to the post Senior Managers vide offfice order CE-06/2018 dated 29 June 2018. Appointment of new Managers for BRIT via office order CE-7/2018 dated 29 June 2018.

June 28 2018 : Shri A.C. Dey is re-designated as General Manager (Technology Development) and Shri L.N. Bandi is re-designated as General Manager  (Sealed Sources & Logistics) vide office order CE-04/2018 dated 27 June 2018. Shri Abhaya Sharma, Dr. S. Ravi and Shri K.P. Singh have been re-designated as Dy. General Managers vide office order CE-05/2018 dated 27 June 2018.

February 15 2018 Shri K.R. Sethuraman takes over as Chief Administrative Officer BRIT.

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