Airway Bill Numbers

The airway bill numbers for all the radioactive consignments despatched from BRIT by Air are listed here in the pdf format. The AWB numbers are sorted in the ascending order on the customer numbers.

This is to help you in timely collection of your air consignments. It is advisable to check with the cargo authority at the respective airports about consignments reaching at the destined airport before proceeding for collection.

July 14 2017 : There is no medical consignment despatched today, the list contains AWB number for radiography cameras and two non-medical despatches.

To get the airway bill numbers click one of the icons or link for specific despatch day/type.

Description Despatch Day/TypeDespatch Date
Friday's Despatch [IOM 1, PHM 3, IOM 2 & Non-medical products] AWB Friday July 14
Saturday's Despatch [IOM 5, IOM 50 & 50T,TCM 2 TCK COLTECH ] AWB Saturday July 15
SAM -2 Despatch [SAM 2, LU 2 ] AWB Tuesday July 18
Radiography Camera [ROLI 2, ROLI 3 and imported devices] AWB Radiography July 14

General Information: Customers who wish to receive airway bill number information for an earlier date may contact Web Information Manager, BRIT. Please mention customer number and the date for which the AWB number details are requested to the email account:  abhaya[at]britatom[dot]gov[dot]in

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